A manufacturing process that involves injecting material into a mould in order to produce parts.
The process of Injection Moulding in its most basic form is not complicated.

Step 1: Heating the material

Injection Moulding starts off by having the raw material fed into the auger – a form of screw – and is then heated while the screw mixes the materials, ensuring uniformity of heat and colour.

Step 2: Moulding the material

It is then shot at high pressure into a mould or tool which is built to the design of the product. Once enough of the material has been injected, the mould is cooled with either air or water. Once the product has set, the mould releases the item and the product is ready for the final stages of production.
Injection Moulding is a quick process that allows for high volume, fast production runs. It is used in a wide variety of industries, such as automobile, toy making, plastic cutlery and crockery, corporate gifting, pipes, tool-making and so much more.
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