WHY Formech?

Formech is a UK designer and manufacturer of vacuum forming machinery. Since 1982 Formech has worked closely with the world’s leading material, tooling and trade formers to develop a range of vacuum forming machines that are easy to use and deliver consistent results with the most challenging applications. We are continually inspired by the passion and creativity of our customers, who have greatly influenced the continual development of Formech vacuum forming machines and ancillaries. Whilst many commercially available vacuum forming machines still resemble designs of the 1950s, Formech has developed an aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and user friendly machine range, which resides in the R&D labs of many of the world’s leading brands, companies and institutions including Dupont, VW Group, McLaren, BE Aerospace, Dyson, Disney, Ferrero Roche, Cambridge University and hundreds more!
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Automatic vacuum forming machine

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HD Series 2

Efficient heat management, ease of use, compact footprint and accessible price

TF Series 2

Cost-effective, compact and versatile alternative to high speed in-line machines; capable of processing reel materials up to 1.8mm and sheet materials up to 6mm, with plug assist as standard

Desktop vacuum forming machine

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User friendly desktop machine with the power and capability to form more demanding shapes and materials; rapid, energy-efficient quartz heaters with variable standby; ready to form in less than 5 minutes

Compac Mini

The perfect solution for hobbyists and first-time users, yet robust enough for professional use; easy to operate and experiment with; compact and efficient, with the latest quartz heaters


Offers today’s students, designers and inventors the latest user experience with industry standard control technology

High performance vacuum forming machine

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In-mould decoration – used for cost-effective manufacture of fascias, panels and casings for the automotive, telecommunication, advanced sign making, material testing and electronic sectors

Manual twin heater vacuum forming machine

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Cost-effective solution for extrusion manufacturers to test the stretching capabilities of materials up to 10mm thick

Semi-automatic, large format vacuum forming machines

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Intuitive ‘FCV’ (Formech Cycle View) user interface with 7” touch-screen; suited to automotive and aerospace R&D, sign and display companies and film & theatre set design

Large format vacuum forming machine

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A popular choice for film and theatre set designers, universities, automotive and aerospace R&D departments; a powerful combination of large forming area and wide forming capabilities

Floor standing vacuum forming machine

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Significant advantages over the desktop series with pre-stretch, auto-level and a much more powerful flow rate for demanding applications


Pre-stretch provides a more uniform material thickness for deep moulds; auto-level signals to the user that the material is ready to form